Exciting new features for 2014 on the Multitek Model 2025xp include, a new standard suspension seat with built in electric joysticks, a laser guided log measuring system, and an improved hydraulic system powered by Sauer Danfoss. 

4+ cords per hour
80hp John Deere diesel
20ft max log length
22in max log diameter
The 2014 Model 2025xp is now 30% faster than prior model years and it is backed by Multitek's legendary performance and warranty. 

Manufactured on the Multitek flagship Model 2040xp2 frame, this machine has many features of its larger predecessors.  The Model 2025XP features the Multitek exclusive overhead shuttle grapple system which grabs and feeds the log and also serves as the log clamp.  The overhead shuttle grapple system makes processing crooked wood a breeze and also results in more accurate firewood lengths.

Built for the high volume pro firewood producer. Fast, easy to operate yet simple to maintain. You will be pleased with the high production output to low operating cost. Accurately saw and split firewood at 4 plus cords per hour from random length low-grade hardwood logs 22” in diameter and 40’ long. 

The main frame is constructed of high strength low weight alloy steel tubing. Outstanding features include easy to use joystick operator controls, triple hydraulic pump (allows the operator to be sawing and splitting at the same moment), folding power log deck and Multitek patented exclusive overhead log in-feed shuttle grapple for grabbing and feeding low grade crooked logs towards the cutoff saw. You can quick-connect to a rugged 30’ or 35' stacking conveyor for loading.

The Multitek 2025xp firewood processor is available with a 48 inch diameter carbide tipped insert tooth circular cut off saw, or with a 36" harvester bar with choice of 3/4" pitch or .404" saw chain.  For customers that require the lowest operational cost, the 48" circular saw is a time tested and proven design that eliminates the need for bar oil and decreasing the cut cycle. 

The Multitek 2025xp firewood processor features the patented Multitek exclusive overhead shuttle grapple system to feed in crooked logs that would otherwise prove a problem.  This rugged built machine weighs in at over 11,000 pounds and is time tested and proven to withstand decades of heavy use.  The proven Model 4024 John Deere 80 horespower turbo diesel is the standard engine option which features a 2 year 2,000 hour warranty. 

This is a great machine for daily use and features standard features that enable your operator to be both productive and comfortable including; joystick operator controls, optional heated and air conditioned cabin, overhead shuttle grapple, and adjustable interchangeable 4, 6, 8, and 10-way wedge options, and 48" circular saw to eliminate bar & chain oil and chain sharpening.  For dependability and low operational costs, look no further than the Pro Model Multitek Model 2025XP firewood processor. 

For our overseas customers, the Pro Model 2025XP firewood processor can be made to order with CE Certification for use in the European Union.