JCR – 300 DTH / Rotary combination Drill Rig mounted on Refurbished Ashok Leyland model Taurus 6x4 chassis with top head drive, Hydraulics driven by Deck Engine, capable of drilling 300 Mtrs.

JCR – 300 DTH / Rotary combination Drill Rig mounted on Refurbished Ashok Leyland model Taurus 6x4 chassis with top head drive, Hydraulics driven by Deck Engine, capable of drilling 300 Mtrs.

The rig is capable of drilling 300mm dia hole in overburden by Air Rotary/DTH drilling to a depth of 120 mtrs in soft/unconsolidated formation and 150mm – 165mm dia hole to a depth of 300 mtrs by DTH method in hard rock and abrasive formation.

311mm (12 ¼ Inches dia hole by mud rotary (Direct Rotary) method by reaming in alluvial /sandy, soft medium and collapsible formation upto 300 mtrs. Depth.

The mast is of Box type structure and made of heavy duty welded construction, reinforced with suitable cross members, capable of withstanding all types of drilling loads.

The Mast is capable of handling 6 mtrs (20’) long drill pipe and 6mtrs long casing pipe. The rig is provided with the level indicators for proper leveling. The mast is raised and lowered by means of suitable capacity hydraulic cylinders. The Mast is equipped with sufficient lighting arrangements to help night drilling.

TOP HEAD ROTARY HEAD: Hydraulically operated top drive rotary head powered by two Hydraulic motors and having variable speed range of 0-150 rpm and capable of giving a torque of about 52,800 in-lbs (600 Kg-m)

Suitable arrangement is made on the rotary head to absorb shocks while drilling and also to avoid damage to drilling pipe/spindle tool joints (threads).

A separate air/mud swivel is provided to prevent the accidental entry of air/mud in rotary head.

Heavy duty, high strength, hydraulic cylinder is provided to accommodate 6 mtrs (20feet) long drill pipes and to handle 6Mtrs casing pipes. The pull back is of about 31,900 Lbs (14,500Kgs) and the pull down capacity to be 16,500 LBS (10,160 Kgs). The feed system is actuated using hydraulic cylinder and wire rope system. The feed system incorporate arrangement to control and limit weight on the drilling Bit. Rapid and slow feed speed arrangement is provided to measure the down feed and hold back pressure of the system.

  • The pull back/High speed up-about: 45Mtrs/Min
  • High speed down about : 65 Mtrs/Min
  • Slow feed Rate up: 9Mtrs/Min
  • Slow feed Rate down: 14 Mtrs/Min

An efficiently designed hydraulic system is provided to operate rotation, feed, jacks, mast raising cylinders, Break out wrenches, Mud Pump and Water/Foam injection pump. The system is operated with Deck Engine through the transfer gear box.

The hydraulic system includes fin type Hydraulic oil cooler with a capacity of 95GPM suitable for 50 deg. Centigrade ambient, high pressure hydraulic hoses, control valves, gauges etc. for efficient operations. Hydraulic reservoir of capacity 650ltrs located conveniently, suction strainer is provided to avoid any foreign particle entering the suction line and the pump return line is provided filtration with 40micron element. Hydraulic pumps designed to run at 1500 rpm tandem gear/piston pumps are used for the purpose of rotation, feed, micro feed and auxiliary systems.

Hydraulically operated leveling jacks of 125 x 70 x 700 (stroke) 4 numbers is provided with suitable leveling arrangement and double lock check valves (locking device) and is located at convenient place for fast and accurate leveling.

Break out Wrench: Hydraulic break out wrench cylinder is provided with provision of opening drill pipe, hammer, button bits etc on the centralizer drill table using appropriate wrenches/tools. Stroke of 350mm, torque 200kg/mtrs (approximately) is provided with rope attached.

The working table /centralizer will have a minimum table opening of 420mm. The centralizer table is set above the truck chassis to prevent the drill cuttings falling back into the hole.

A rubberized curtain (dust curtain) is provided to protect the operators from falling of stone cuttings or splashing of water during drilling or flushing.

The mast is equipped with the hydraulically operated winch having jib boom for handling of drill pipes, hammers, casing pipes and heavy tools. The rated capacity of the hydraulic hoist shall be of 1000Kg with built in brakes and is operated simultaneously while drilling is carried out for handling drill pipes etc.

A rod changing mechanism for fast makeup and brake out of drill string is provided. Optional
Manual operated single rod changer will be provided for changing the drill pipes

Triplex reciprocating hydraulically operated pump of capacity of 36LPM at 1500PSI complete with necessary piping including a flow metering valve. The pump is capable of pumping water and foam mixture complete with necessary hoses and fittings. Minimum 300liters. Capacity of water tank is provided. A washing hose having connection from water injection pump with nozzles etc. is provided for washing Rig.

An inline oiler of 15 ltrs capacity and suitable for working pressure up to 500 PSI is provided for injecting oil in all compressed air stream complete with volume control provided

Centralized control panel is located at convenient place on the drill to enable the driller for efficient control of the operation. All levers, valves and gauges are conveniently grouped. The control for setting up of rig is grouped in such a way to prevent accidental operation while drilling. A lockable steel cover (control panel cover) is provided for the control panel to protect gauges and controls during transportation. Gauges to include rotation control feed control, hold back control, air pressure control and include emergency shut down switch for the engine.

The electrical system of the rig is 12/24 V system connected to the batteries of the rig engine. The system is provided on panel and instrument illuminating light and minimum three spot is directed at the mast and rotation

suitable folding working platform (full length) is provided for the operator and the helper.

Suitable arrangement is made to carry the drill rods on both sides of the platform on the truck.

A suitable tools box with necessary tools generally required for drilling is provided.

Refurbished compressor of 1100 CFM @ 300psi capacity is mounted on the same truck with 4 numbers of stabilizers. Compressor is driven by a suitable diesel engine.

(Optional) Screw Type mud pump with capacity of 500 LPM.