Our Team

Mr. Reddy Founder-Chairman of JCR

Jayachandran Reddy

Founder Chairman and
Managing Director

Mr.Jayachandra Reddy, born 17/03/ 1964 is an Indian technology manifestation, Business Entrepreneur, and Investor, A qualified Mechanical Engineer and a philanthropist, best known as the founder, chairman, and Managing Director of JCR DRILLSOL PVT.LTD, the India’s largest Drill Rigs Manufacturing Company. The company began as Proprietor concern, manufacturing Drilling Accessories, expanded its manufacturing activities to a wide variety of Drilling Machines used for water well drilling, geotechnical drilling, environmental drilling, mineral exploration drilling, geothermal drilling, construction drilling, water utility and services, under the leadership and governance of Mr.Jayachandra Reddy.

Mr.Reddy is known for his attention to business details. As described by some of his senior staffs, he "is at once a notorious micromanager who wants to know about everything from technical design details to pricing details.

Mr.Reddy is an Indian patriot, always pushing for “Make in India” concept in his specialized field of Mechanical Engineering. He holds a significant experience of around 25 years in the field of manufacturing & marketing Engineering Products.

Mr.Reddy’s other diversified business interests include Hydro Power Projects. He is the Joint Managing Director of SLS Power Corporation producing 24 MW Hydro Power.

Mr. Reddy Founder-Chairman of JCR

Gayathri Reddy

Co-Founder and
Executive Director

A versatile lady with a dynamic personality, she holds the position of Executive Director at JCR Drillsol apart from being a co-founder of this business. She has a clear aptitude & inherent caliber for decision making and therefore she manages important portfolios like fund management, finance and administration.

She is interested in the field of Human relations and HR management. She continuously endeavors towards worker motivation & developing leadership qualities in all fellow workers.

She is continuously working towards the goal of creating a brand and therefore also focuses on important functions like business expansion along with international marketing & survey so that the company is recognized on the global map.

Mr. Reddy Founder-Chairman of JCR



He graduated as an Mechanical Engineer from The Carleton University, Cannada. Shortly after graduating from college, he joined JCR and participated in increasing the product range and also the engineering service sector, complimenting the existing manufacturing facility. He is working towards the development of many products like the Dewatering Equipments, including multipurpose drilling rigs.

As a Director of Marketing he has various roles, which include product development, distribution, advertising, planning, market research, event planning and social media management. Other responsibilities are managing marketing materials creation, maintaining a good relationship with the customers. His major skills are marketing expertise, creativity, networking, teamwork leadership and communication.