MODE - JCR TM CD 150 is a TRACTOR Mounted Core Drilling Rig capable of performing Diamond Core cum DTH cum Rotary Drilling. The Rig Is used for Water exploration and Geological exploration such as minerals, Coal……etc.

DIAMOND CORE DRILLING: Is Capable of drilling hole size of

  • HQ : - 150 Meters.
  • NQ : - 300 Meters.
  • BQ : - 450 Meters.

The Power is drawn from Tractor For Driving Hydraulic System.

The Rig is mounted on a New Holland (or) Equivalent Model Tractor.

The Tubular type mast is made out of structural steel, heavy duty welded construction, reinforced with suitable cross members, capable of withstanding all drilling loads. The mast is capable of handling 3 meters (10’) drill pipes and casing pipes. The drill rig is provided with the level indicators. The mast is raised and lowered by hydraulic cylinders. The mast has ability to drill inclined holes from 0 to - 45° degree

The top head drive is driven by a single hydraulic motor through a Gear box with mechanical transmission. The output Speed ranges from 0 to 500 RPM with a maximum out put Torque of 600 NM.

An efficiently designed hydraulic system is provided to operate rotation, feed, jacks and mast raising cylinders, Main Winch and breakout wrenches, Water Injection Pump.. The system is operated with variable displacement pump driven through a Gear Box fitted to Diesel Engine. .The hydraulic system includes fin type Hydraulic oil cooler with adequate capacity for 50 deg. Centigrade ambient, high pressure hydraulic hoses, control valves, gauges etc. for efficient operations. Hydraulic reservoir of suitable capacity is located conveniently, suction strainer is provided to avoid foreign particle entering the suction line and the plump return line is provided filtration with 40micron element.

Hydraulic operated leveling jacks 4 numbers is provided with suitable leveling arrangement and double lock check valves (locking devices) and is located at convenient place for fast and accurate leveling.

THydraulically operated foot clamp with two hydraulic cylinders and clamps will hold the drill pipes firmly while breaking.

Centralized control panel is located at convenient place on the drill to enable the driller for efficient control of the operation. All levers, valves and gauges are conveniently grouped. The control for setting up of rig is grouped in such a way to prevent accidental operation while drilling. A lockable steel cover (Control Panel Cover) is provided for the control panel to protect gauges and controls during the transportation. Gauges to include rotation control, feed control. Hold back control, air pressure control and includes emergency shutdown switch for the engine.

20KN Capacity main hoist with 40m/min. speed (with bare drum) with Cable of 30m length will be provided.

with 3 KN capacity with 120m/min. speed (with bare drum) with 6mm Cable dia 500 meters length will be provided.

The rig is provided with centrifugal pump of suitable make which is suitable for handling clear water, and bentonite solutions.

Suitable arrangement is made to carry the drill rods on both sides of the platform on the truck.

The electrical system of the rig is 12/24 V system connected to the batteries of the rigs engine. The system is provided on the panel and instrument illuminating light and minimum three spot is directed at the mast and rotation.

A suitable folding working platform (full length) is provided for the operator and the helper.

Tool Box with necessary tools generally required for drilling is provided.

JCR Tractor Mounted CD Rigs