Technical Specification


JCR- 100 model
truck/ skid/trailer mounted, multi pass, hydraulically operated drilling rig.

Drilling Capacity
100 to 200 mm (4” to 8”) dia. Holes as dth or rotary drilling. Drilling Depth 100 mtrs. (328 mm)

Heavy duty structural steel construction. Mast height suitable for handling drill pipes upto 76mm dia & 2 meter long.

Heavy duty single hydraulic cylinder with chain system with micro feed control.

Rotary Head
Single hydraulic motor with spur gear reduction system.

Air Compressor (Optional/Recommended)
Single stage oil flooded, screw type with capacity ranging from 600 cfm and working pressure of 200 psi.

Power unit
Diesel engine as prime mover for driving compressor and hydraulic system.

All controls centralised for single man operation.